Saint James Day

Everyone from Saint James avoided the day's festivities. It was an overcrowded event full of yuppies and former members of Menudo. We spent most of the day at Randy's.

Jesse's brilliant shirt forces everyone to wear sunglasses.


Moose says, 'Don't miss Saint James Day or you're an asshole'


The action packed season badminton playoffs.


The two youngsters escaped, never to be seen again.

Bob: You're the man.  Stu: no, you're the man.

The rioting after the festival.


These dudes show up everywhere we go.


A little overexposure from the $3.99 camera.


Dave is flaunting his steel sign bought at Saint James Day.




Like a deer in headlights.



Don't shoot.


Arial shot of who knows what.

Here's where the rest of the night began!