Saint James in a Nutshell

Saint James Day, October 3, 1999!!!
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My web cam only has a 100 foot transmission distance, so I won't be putting live footage online this year.

Well, I grew up here and now I'm going to share what I know about this place with all you lowly web surfers. Saint James, or as we locals like to call it, 'Little Manhattan,' was founded in the early 1400's by a group of dwarfs led by a man they called 'Pius Jimmy'. The economy of Saint James was based on the sales and production Jimmy's revolutionary invention, the Post-It note paper. Jimmy sold the rights to this product to 3M and got out of town. The town continues to flourish through retail powerhouse of Lake Avenue.

The Patio Pizza Shopping Center

  • Silver Spirits A good place to start, when trekking through the metropolis of Saint James.
  • Patio Pizza Though they do not yet have a presense on the web, this is the pinnacle of dining.
  • Pleasant Inn You could make a weekend of this one shopping center
  • 7-11 The only 7-11 sporting 16 microbrews on tap daily.
  • King KullenTheir website is indicative of their quality
  • Dieter's Dirty Deli They make the best Hungry Man breakfast sandwich around. Someone please send me a picture.
  • Long Island Rail Road One of the best things about SJ is that you can leave.
  • The Speak Easy Metallica is rumored to be playing here soon
  • The Coliseum They've got so many TVs running, you leave with a tan.
  • The Second Street (aka Comiskey Park) Another local bar; I couldn't find a website, but this link about says it all.
  • Saint James Chamber of Commerce Not nearly as excitin as my own site.
  • Gaynor Park A Must-See when in SJ. Don't be caught there late at night, though.
  • Villa Sorrento I've never eaten here, but if the food is as good as the spelling on their homepage, I'd be cautious
  • Saint James 5 Mile Run Race Times Marathon runners and Ironman competitors alike have failed this grueling experience

    Other points of interest within walking distance of Saint James:

  • Smithtown Concrete For every gleaming community, there's an over-industrialized, smog ridden city. Everyone I know who lives in Smithtown works here.
  • The Port Jefferson Ferry only a 10 mile walk, this ferry will take you to Bridgeport, CT, a sexy, sexy town.
  • (Big) Manhattan 55 Miles; do them both in one day and you'll see the remarkable similarities.