Linzer Tarts

Preheat oven to maybe 350°. Whip up the butter then blend in sugar. Then add the eggs and slowly add the flour. Place large heaping tablespoons of mixture evenly spaced onto cookie sheets. Next, take a flat spatula and cover the bottom in flour. Use this to flatten the cookie blobs into approximately 3" wide disks. Bake about 10 minutes until edges turn golden brown. Now, using a small cookie cutter or (as we minimum wage, white trash types use) a cola bottle cap, cut out a small hole in the top of half of the cookies. Now place all the cookies on cooling racks and let them cool. Bake. Bake. Bake. Now spread the preserves onto the whole cookies, and sandwich with the cut cookies. Voila, linzer tarts.

If Santa deems me to have been nice this year, I'll put up some digital photos of how these should and shouldn't look.


History of the Linzer tart

The linzer tart is actually a christmas cookie. It is fabled that the lesser known fourth wise man (Phil of Nazareth) brought these tasty treats to the big event. His recipe was copyrighted by Betty Crocker in 1923 and the book of Phil has been absent from the bible ever since. The recipe lives on, however, on my rebel web page.