Misc September 2022

luau weekend

lunch after the dragonball movie at the stony brook noodle shop

lunch at venetian shores before school starts

back to school

northwell summer splash

scout hike

heckscher state park cabin--just checking it out for future consideration

Croquet tournament with extra loud classical music (in honor of the queen of mother England) (plus the library wanted it back)

Video 1(youtube) - original 9.8 MB

I can't recommend these $1 store burgers (though i never ate them and they say organ meat is good for you)

This is a free-pass if you're transporting nukes.

@eyewearmegacomplex   I recommend Emmet goes with the "the office" Dwayne glasses.

webelos woods

I got an idea, let's let the puppy run loose for a while with all these kids and dogs around

Video 2-dixie driving (youtube) - original 29.2 MB