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last year (2016)


2016-17 basketball season

Charlie's Birthday



Snow fun


St. Baldricks

St Patrick's day

Spring Concerts



Emmett's birthday

Sean's confirmation

Emmett's first communion

Emmett's greek play

Extension plans

Mother's day

Author's tea

Charlie's Big School Play

Sean's WTR moving up ceremony

Last day of school/pool opening

Virigina Beach/Colonial Williamsburg

Early July Pics

BBQs and block parties

Avery's birthday

Random baseball games

Waterproof camera Summer 2017

Solar Eclipse

Yogi Bear

Random late summer stuff

Luau @ Francey's

First day of school

Gender Reveal Party-Danny & Christine

Miscellaneous October
pumpkin carving, monster mash, pumpkin patch, sean car wash, paintball, DC mascots, football end-of-season party, Veteran's day parade,avery national honor society, Thanksgiving

Scout events

Radio City/Rockettes and Macys Parade Floats

Huntington holiday boat parade

Everything else December

Sean's birthday

Battleship cove 2017

Winter concerts

Christmas eve

Christmas morning

Christmas day/night

Shannan's Sweet 16

New Year's Eve