Everything else December

Pie face with connon

Chess school

Perfect sauerbraten with red cabbage, homemade pretzels, mashed potatoes

Scholar athlete Sean on the right (with letters all over his face)

Andy's drawer liner

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KPFD Christmas parade

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Sean making his first class

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Lunch with Melville work friends

Believe it or not, they made us take down our christmas lights

Emmett scout trip @ chocolate works

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Shopping for grandma's christmas tree

Caroling in the park

Sean runs track in his pajamas...a chip off the old block

Crazy tourist day at school

Sean track meet @SCCC

Wicked rum cake

Emmett's winter league first win in Farmingdale

Shopping in Deer Park with Charlie

Favorite new beanbag chair

No coat for this one

Hanging at the mall with my bro

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