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I've scanned in lots of stupid photos and created links to them.

Click for Islip, New York ForecastGo to the Sconce Emporium. Exciting. Not!

Engineers hard at work

Some silly phone messages

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Cheesedoodles rule
My Fiancee
I'm a biker
Here's some stupid photos from a festival I went to in Patchogue a while ago
My cross country trip
Some miscellaneous shit
I'm the lead singer for my band, "The Butt Munchers"
Here she is again, wooing a computer geek.
The German Alps Fest.
A tribute to Woo  (Click here for no music version)
Stuff from the cabin I was renting.
Other Miscellaneous pics
My Wedding Page
Halloween Pictures (under construction)
New! Our vacation to Ocean City
Saint James 5 mile run
BFC? (over 18 only!!!)
Pictures of my haunted trip to New Orleans

Spam and Olestra: a match made in heaven  

A silly dancing chicken representing mosh

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